Spring 2022

Spring 2022

Deadline to submit the application: January 31, 2022.

Placement tests are administered in December 2021, January 2022 and exact dates will be announced in time.

Candidates for admissions to the Sophomore Program need to sit for placement tests as follows:Please contact the Admission’s Office at AUT for information about English Preparatory Sessions for the English Placement Test.

Faculty of Business Administration:

Placement tests in Math and English.

Faculty of Arts and Humanities:

Placement test in English.

Faculty of Applied Sciences:

Placement tests in Math and English.

Department of English Language and Literature:

A placement test in English.

Department of Translation and Communication:

Placement tests in English, Arabic and French

N.B. English Placement Test may be substituted by TOEFL, SAT, IELTS.

Do not hesitate to contact the Admissions Office for further information:

Email: [email protected] or Call: 09 – 478 143/4 ext: 259 or 76 – 80 80 01