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Ms Feyrouz Rahme

Ms Feirouz Rahme

Ms Rahme joined AUT in September 2016 and heads the Placement Office which helps current students find internship options as well as suitable employment that fits their study schedule.

She will also assist graduates find full-time employment in national and international companies, and will work closely with the Alumni Office for that purpose.

Ms Rahme completed her secondary education at Central College – Jounieh and soon after, at the age of 21, she flew to France where she discovered the European political world by working in an association, then in a political party. In 1991, she was hired by the Italian Pirelli group, and took up positions in financial management, procedures management and budget management.

She came back to Lebanon in 2006 and worked as a consultant in organization and reorganization for several companies. She also assumed positions in targeted communications and public relations, and leads an active social and political life, lobbying for women rights. Ms Rahme is welcome in the AUT family!

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