Patrick Honein




Patrick Honein

Since 2005, the focus went from design into conceptualization, and communication strategy. Having worked for 8 Years in Leo Burnett and 5 in McCann FP7, Patrick lead the creative on several multinational brands such as Coca-Cola, Fanta, Puma, Mc Donald’s, Subway, SkyNews, Master Card, Kempinski, Saudi Telecom and many more, winning also big clients for his employers.

His work has been awarded internationally (Cannes Festivals, Effies awards, Lynx, etc...) and most importantly, his work impacted client’s sales and always had a positive impact on the brands.

But advertising is changing with technology, therefore Patrick upgraded his knowledge by studying digital and online marketing and expanded his online experience by working in digital and content agencies in Berlin – Germany.

Recently in 2018, he founded Sputnik Floyd GmbH, an agency that is taking a new approach on communication and content by creating new products and services such as B2B social marketing, marketing content for gaming/gamers and other strategic marketing solutions for the digital Era.
Currently, his company is looking to expand further into Europe and Latin America.

From the day he joined AUT until today, Patrick always believed that the best parts of a career in the ad & communication industry are the playfulness and the impact you have on people's decisions and sometimes lives. Be curious, be responsible, be a team player and have a blast!


AUT is proud of alumnus Patrick Honein!

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