Rosaline Hanna




Rosaline G Hanna,

Billing Mediation & Roaming Senior Analyst at TOUCH

My career journey started at AUT where I studied Information Technology, and at the same time, AUT gave me the opportunity to work as an assistant at the IT department, this is where I have gained an experience In the domain  I was studying and gave me a push further in my studies.

AUT also got all the students engaged in Social activities, which made us learn more in life, gain self-confidence and improve our social and behavioral skills.

When I took my BS degree in IT, I decided to continue my Master studies in Italy, University Of Trento, in the Bio Informatics field.

At first, I hesitated and was scared that I would not be accepted there. In fact, they had a look at the courses I had taken and they substituted most of the courses I had to take because I had previously acquired them. Everything went smooth and easy, there; I collaborated with the Microsoft research center in Trento and worked as a trainee acting as an application system analyst.

I was working on projects using  software developed at the Center (BlenX), used to model and simulate biological phenomena, which helped me in developing my thesis which includes the modeling and simulation of the galactose metabolism in yeast, using BlenX software.

I have graduated earlier than expected, and have received distinction.

Although I was offered to continue towards  PHD studies and get a job there, I returned to Lebanon

where I started working in ITS , a leading provider of cutting-edge integrated information technology solutions and software services to a wide spectrum of industries and government entities. I spent there a year before I moved to work at TOUCH Lebanon, one of the two operating GSM networks.

I have been working there supporting the customer end users on the Roaming application, preparing queries, doing data analysis and mining.

A big credit goes to AUT for my educational background which made me progress in my career and enabled me to engage in  project activities at my work place and support the users by providing proper advice, guidance and training.

AUT is proud of alumna Rosaline Hanna!

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