Nazih Youssef


Nazih Youssef graduated from AUT in 2003 with a BS in Computer Engineering and left for Paris to join the European Business School MBA program in International Affairs.

He started his career as a supply chain sales development in France were he succeeded in growing his experience and knowhow. After 3 years in the field he managed to become France sales director of the firm.

In 2011 he was head hunted to join Bollore Group one of the worldwide leaders in supply chain & logistics and Nbr. 1 company in the field over the French and African markets.

After 5 years of managing the European and MENA/Golf zone, he was promoted to join as CEO of BAHRIBOLLORE logistics, a joint venture by BAHRI (The 0il & Gas shipping line of Saudi Arabia) & Bollore Logistics. He is now based in Saudi Arabia.

In his new role as Chief Executive Officer he managed to secure a positive first year for the company and started 2019 with very promising developments as the company scored many successful contracts over the Saudi market along with the GCC coverage.

Nazih Youssef is a strong business development professional skilled in Management, Negotiation, Operations Management & Multi Vertical Freight Forwarding (Aerospace & Defense, Military special operations, Healthcare, Perishables, Projects, among others…).

He also provides many consultancies support to multiple army corps on the logistic/supply chain flow/deployment all over the globe.


AUT is proud of alumnus Nazih Youssef!

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