Roy Chdid

Roy Chdid

Roy Chdid graduated in Finance from AUT in 2012 and applied for a master degree in finance at California State University, got accepted but couldn't find the financial support. He stayed in Lebanon and through work he met a successful investor in the stock market.

Roy worked for him as his financial advisor and was offered to go to New York for a summer course at New York University in Risk and Portfolio management.

Roy got the idea of his current business Re-Vogue from the streets in N.Y where he used to see a lot of people queuing in front of stores to sell their items for cash: they tried to sell everything ranging from clothes to shoes, bags, and accessories and Roy thought it would be perfect to start such a business in the Middle East especially the Gulf region.

He went back to Lebanon in 2014 and started working on the project then moved to Dubai in 2015 and started the business officially in April 2016 when he launched the website .
The business has been growing since then. Roy focuess on exclusively high-end designer items and hard- to- find bags. Re-Vogue grew its customer base to over 1,000 clients in one year and keeps working on expanding and moving into different segments in the luxury market.

On a personal level, Roy is still in the finance business running few investment portfolios and has been taking a lot of courses online from several universities (Columbia, Universite de Geneve) and is currently looking to enroll in a master degree.

Roy embodies entrepreneurship and risk-taking, both necessary ingredients for success in a very competitive world.
AUT is proud of Roy Chdid!

Roy is now enrolled in the prestigious Georgetown University in the Master of Science in Finance.


AUT is proud of alumnus Roy Chdid!

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