Transport Management and Logistics

Transport Management and Logistics

What is Transport Management and Logistics?
Transport Management oversees the development and maintenance of transportation systems. The shipping business is an important and exciting new major. This major serves in spreading the shipping business among the new generation. It also helps in bridging the gap in Industry needs.
Why is it important?
Shipping has become a key economic sector and the most important factor in international commerce. In Lebanon and abroad, it has become hard to find qualified workers in the field of transportation. Work opportunities are plenty, while, the industry needs are growing. Transport is important since it enables trade between people, which in turn establishes civilization.
What are the benefits of enrolling in this major at AUT?
AUT has teamed up with the 3rd largest shipping company in the world, (CMA CGM) and with the most prestigious university in the field of maritime economics, (ERASMUS UNIVERSITY ROTTERDAM) in Netherlands order to offer our students a high quality up-to-date program and for internship full time opportunities. In addition, collaboration with the top Arab university in the field of transport, the (Arab Academy for Science Technology and Maritime Transport) (Alexandria, Egypt) allows for groups of students to spend short residencies in Alexandria for short intensive courses and make use of their state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment. Students also benefit in top international  experts in the field who come for intensive teaching periods at AUT. Among them are Dr Hercules Haralambides, Dr Michele Acciaro and many more. Field trips to ports, airports and shipping agencies in Lebanon are also part of the curriculum and prepare students for success in their professional lives.
What kind of courses do I take in this Undergraduate program?
• Transport Economics • Ports Management and Economics • Supply Chain Management • Marine Technology • Shipping Economics • Maritime law
Does the program include professional certifications?
Yes. Students earn up to three international certifications along the way which make them more competitive in the job market.
Where can I be employed once I graduate?
Our students of each graduating class will have the chance to be recruited by CMA CGM and Net Logistics, Sky Net, TNT courier Hiring graduates may also be done by other shipping companies (air, rail, road, cable pipeline, and space), and by related import/export and transport enterprises. Insurance, storage packaging
What is Transport Management?
Transport Management systems required to get a product from the source to the place of delivery and end user. Logistics requires a significant amount of detail to arrange, prepare release, track, resolve and deliver a product. In Collaboration With


The global shipping sector invests billions of dollars every year and is now a major part of the world economy. In view of the lack of specialists in shipping and logistics, AUT developed a top-notch program in Transport Management and Logistics and linked it to the third largest shipping company in the world CMA-CGM which will provide internships to students of AUT and will hire the best each year. It has also been linked to the Center for Maritime Economics and Logistics (MEL) of Erasmus University Rotterdam which has a reputation of excellence in the field. Professors from MEL will provide academic instruction for core courses so students learn from the very best in the world.

For details on this program email the Dean of the School of Business Dr Nasri Harb at [email protected]

Transport Management and Logistics (99 Credits)

General Education Requirements 26 credits
Code # Course Title Cr Prerequisites
Group A : Language and Communication (10 credits)
ENG 203 English Communication I 3
ENG 204 English Communication II 3 ENG203
BUS 210 Business
Communication Skills
3 ENG203
BUS 215 Business
Presentation Skills
1 Coreq. BUS210
Group B : General Business & Humanities (7 credits)
BUS 201 Foundations in Business 3
HUM 212 AUT Cultural Plus 1
HUM 318 Human Rights 3 ENG 203
Group C : Arts & Social Sciences (3 credits)
ART 205 Contemporary Arts 3
HUM 210 Arts Appreciation 3
HUM 211 Music Appreciation 3
POL 202 Globalization and Political Change 3 ENG 203
SOC 202 Justice, Society and Gender 3 ENG 203
Group D : Mathematics, Science and Technology (3 credits)
HLT 210 Health and
NTR 201 Introduction to Nutrition 3 ENG 203
Group E : Health and Physical Education (3 credits)
HLT 200 First Aid and Safety 2
PED . Physical Education 1

Major Core Requirements 40
Code # Course Title Cr Prerequisites
ACC 210 Principles of Accounting I 3 ENG020
ACC 215 Principles of Accounting II 3 ACC210
BUS 230 Business Law 3 MGT201
BUS 310 Quantitative Methods for Business 3 MAT221
BUS 491 Internship 1 Senior Standing
ECO 201 Micro Economics 3 Co. ENG203
ECO 202 Macro Economics 3 Co. ENG203
FIN 221 Managerial Finance 3 ACC215
MAT 221 Calculus & Applied Math for Business 3
MGT 201 Management Principles 3 ENG203
HRM 320 Human Resources Management 3 MGT201
MIS 360 Management Information Systems 3 MGT201
MKT 201 Marketing Principles 3 ENG203
STA 211 Business Statistics 3
Specialization Course Requirements 24 credits
Code # Course Title Cr Prerequisites
TRM 201 Int. to Transport Economics and Policy 3 Co. ENG203
TRM 211 Elements of Maritime Law 3 TRM201
TRM 221 Elements of Marine Technology 3 TRM201
TRM 301 Shipping Economics and Mgt 3 Co. ECO201
TRM 321 Ports Economics and Management 3 ECO201 & TRM301
TRM 332 Shipping and Transport Finance 3 TRM201 & FIN221
TRM 410 Logistics & Supply Chain Management 3 TRM201
TRM 421 Maritime Logistics 3 TRM301
Free Elective (200 level or above) 6 credits
Other Requirements
…. …. Foreign Language course 3 credits