Water Resources and Geo-Environmental Sciences


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Bachelor of Science in Water Resources and Geo-Environmental Sciences (BS) - (106 Credits)

Conscious of the importance of water issues for Lebanon and the Arab world, AUT started a unique BS program in Water Resource Sciences that means to prepare Lebanese students to work in all areas of water

science and management. They will acquire essential expertise in water quality and treatment, water law and conflict resolution, and other areas necessary to manage water resources efficiently.

This unique program has the support of Tannourine Water company which ensures internships and training as well as scholarships and of the Ministry of Energy and Water (click here to know more ) so students have access to information concerning projects on regional and national levels and can share in them.

AUT has joined international organizations such as Global Water Partnership which is an organization based in Stockholm, Sweden and whose mission is to support the sustainable development and management of water resources at all levels (click here for more info).

Effective Semester of Program Fall 2011 - 2012  Credits    

A. General Education Requirements

[Restricted set of courses that is required by the University]

Courses required By the Faculty 15     
Course Code
Course Title
BIO 201
General Biology
 3 ENG 203 conc.
BIO 201L
General Biology Laboratory
 1 BIO 201 conc.
CHE 201
Basic Chemistry
 3 ENG 203 conc.
CHE 201L
Basic Chemistry Lab
 1 CHE 201 conc.
CHE 211
Introductory Organic Chemistry
 3 CHE 201
CHE 212L

Introductory Organic Chemistry Lab

 1 CHE 211 conc.
STA 210
Statistics for Science
B. Major Courses  58 Grade must be C or higher in every Major course
Course Code
Course Title



ENV    332
Environmental Impact Assessment
 3 WGS 201, WGS 240
GEOE  201
Geology  3    
GEOE  220
GIS and Remote Sensing
 3 WGS 201,WGS 220,GEOE 201
GEOE  302
Applied Geomorphology
 3 GEOE 201
WGS   200
Water Resources Seminar
WGS   201
Introduction to Water Resources
 3 ENG 203
WGS   210
Soil Science
WGS   210L
Field Techniques in Soils
 1 Co. WGS 210
WGS   220
Applied Hydrology
 3 WGS 201
WGS   225
Environmental Microbiology
 3 BIO 201
WGS   240
Aquatic Ecology
WGS   321
Water Pollutants
 3 CHE 201, WGS 201
WGS   320
Water Chemistry Analysis

CHE 201, WGS 201

WGS   323 Water Chemistry Instrumentation
 2 Co. WGS 320, WGS 201
WGS   345 Water Policy and Economics
 3 ENG 204, WGS 201
WGS   355
Water Law
 3 ENG 201, WGS 201
WGS   360 Environmental Modeling
 3 WGS 201, WGS 240
WGS   365 Water and Wastewater Engineering
 3 WGS 201, WGS 321
WGS   390 Internship I
  Major Electives  8    
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