Workshop: Lebanese Taxation System

AUT was happy to offer an online workshop with senior trainers from the Ministry of Finance covering the Essentials of the Lebanese Taxation System. This workshop provided applied information on taxes in Lebanon that can be used for one’s own business or for starting a company. 81 participants signed up among current students, alumni and outsiders. The collaboration with the Ministry of Finance was secured through the courtesy of Director General Georges Moarrawi.

Three topics were covered:

1- The Lebanese taxation system and the income tax by Charbel Aghnatios Head of the Department of Compliance and Taxes

2- The tax on salaries and wages (rawateb wa oujour) by Elie Abi Aad Head of the Department of Taxes on Wages and Salaries

3- The VAT by Andre Al Asmar Head of the Department of VAT Field Audit

The 16- hour workshop was given online over 6 Saturdays and ended on December 12, 2020.


Participants’ comments can be seen here:

Rana Antoun

Class of 2010, Current MBA student, Chief Accountant at Le Gray hotel – Beirut

“The Workshop is very informative, valuable and beneficial for me. It’s important to have such workshops especially for students who are not in the workfield yet.”


Micheline Sakr

AUT Alumna, Graduate in 2019 – Finance, Stock Manager at Chehade Trading & Construction

“The Taxation workshop is helpful and enriching and is an interesting experience. Big thank you to AUT for this informative workshop”


Joey Semaan

Majoring in Management

“The workshop was an experience in itself. I found this workshop really helpful. One of the most enjoyable and informative seminars I have ever attended. I’ve learned a lot of information about taxes and I didn’t only enjoy it but have tried to practice it. And after having practiced the exercises given, I now know all types of taxes and also every exemption .”


Thank you AUT for organizing it and very special thanks to the great speakers from the Ministry of Finance! “It’s important to have such workshops especially for students who are not in the workfield yet.